What is TIPS Cooperative?
How to Become a Member?

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) Cooperative represents a streamlined
procurement tool that enables public and private entities to benefit from
pre-negotiated deals. This article delves into what TIPS Cooperative is, the
advantages it offers, and the process to become a member.

What is TIPS Co-op?

What is TIPS Cooperative?

TIPS Cooperative: An Overview

TIPS Cooperative, accessible via, is a purchasing cooperative designed to serve public and private organizations by offering access to competitively solicited purchasing contracts. This initiative aims to simplify the procurement process, ensuring entities can acquire products and services at the best possible prices.

The Benefits of Joining TIPS

Members of TIPS enjoy several benefits, including access to a wide range of competitively priced products and services, compliance with procurement laws, and streamlined purchasing processes that save time and resources.

How TIPS Cooperative Operates

TIPS operates by leveraging the collective purchasing power of its members to negotiate contracts with suppliers on behalf of its members. This not only ensures competitive pricing but also complies with procurement regulations.

Becoming a Member

Eligibility Criteria

Membership is open to any public agency, including schools, government
entities, and non-profit organizations, among others.

Becoming a Member

Steps to Become a Member


Initial Inquiry

nterested entities should first visit the TIPS website to gather information and express their interest.


Completing the Application

An application form available on the TIPS website must be filled out and submitted for consideration.


Approval Process

Once the application is reviewed and approved, the entity becomes a member, gaining access to all the benefits.

Membership Benefits

Access to Competitive Pricing

Members benefit from reduced costs through pre-negotiated contracts.

Streamlined Procurement Process

TIPS membership simplifies the buying process, saving valuable time and resources.

Compliance and Transparency

All contracts are competitively bid, ensuring compliance and transparency in procurement.

Membership Benefits
TIPS Co-op Services

TIPS Cooperative Services

Categories of Services

TIPS offers a broad range of services and products, from technology to office supplies, ensuring members can find nearly everything they need.

How to Utilize Services

Members can browse the TIPS portal for contracts, compare offers, and directly purchase or initiate the procurement process via the platform.

Success Stories

Case Studies

Numerous entities have benefited from TIPS membership, showcasing significant savings and efficiency improvements in their procurement processes.

Success Stories
Who Can Use

Who Can Use

Education. K-12 Schools

Private Schools, Charter Schools, Colleges, Universities, Special Education Districts.


Cities & Counties, States and State Agencies, Park & Water Districts, Native American Tribes, Emergency Service Districts, Transportation Authorities


Churches, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Housing Authorities, Charitable Organizations, Member Associations

Rivell LLC and TIPS

Rivell LLC and TIPS

Rivell as a TIPS vendor allows schools and local governments to streamline their procurement process for technology products and services, including hardware, software, networking solutions, and IT consulting services. By partnering with TIPS, We can offer our clients a cost-effective and time-saving way to purchase quality technology products and services without having to go through a traditional bidding process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Public entities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations are eligible.
Joining TIPS is typically free, but it’s advisable to check the latest information on their website.
TIPS conducts competitive bidding processes to secure the best prices for its members.
TIPS is primarily for public and non-profit entities, but private companies can benefit as suppliers.
The process varies, but entities can expect a response within a few weeks of application.


TIPS Cooperative offers a valuable resource for entities looking to optimize their procurement processes. By becoming a member, organizations gain access to competitive pricing, streamlined processes, and a community of procurement professionals. With a straightforward membership process, any eligible entity can quickly start benefiting from what TIPS has to offer.