Managed IT Services for Financial Firms 

Eliminate the risk of financial theft with managed IT services for financial firms. Partner with us to protect your assets, meet compliances, implement robust security, ensure swift operations, and eliminate the obstacles to your growth. 

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Staying Compliant, Staying Secure:
IT Support for Finance

At Rivell, you can rely on us for managed IT services for financial firms, including securing transactions, disaster recovery and data backup, and strategic IT support for financial institutions and firms. We bring 20+ years of experience providing financial services and IT solutions to various institutions.

We have a great command over cutting-edge technologies that aid financial businesses with tightening and robust security, making us a leading managed IT services provider. Leave your IT infrastructure headache on us and you focus on strategic financial decisions for your business. 

IT Support for Finance
IT Support for Finance

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Managed IT Services With Proven Results for Financial Firms 

As a managed IT services provider, we understand the importance of complying with ever-evolving regulations and maintaining optimal IT performance for uninterrupted services. Considering regulatory adherence and ensuring affordability, we have listed down crucial yet vital managed IT services for financial firms. 

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

We help our financial institutional clients with cloud solutions, including migration and management, with a promise of scalability, security, and affordability. You can count on us to maintain high-end security, optimize performance, and cloud maintenance. 

IT Security Services 

IT Security Services 

Our IT security specialists guarantee to safeguard your financial data with industry-oriented security solutions. They also monitor your IT infrastructure 24/7 and implement vulnerability management to prevent cyber-attacks beforehand. 

Financial Strategy Planning & Consultancy Services

Financial Strategy Planning & Consultancy Services

We even provide financial strategy planning and consultancy services that align with your long-term IT strategies and overall business objectives. Through our consultancy services, you can plan investment returns that help achieve strategic business objectives. 

24/7 IT Support 

As a managed IT support for finance, we stand on our toes to offer value-added IT services and constant support around the clock. We provide remote services to overcome technical challenges and eliminate downtime. 

Network & Infrastructure Services

Network & Infrastructure Services

Hire our subject matter experts for financial services IT solutions to deliver optimal performance and zero downtime. With proactive network management, IT infrastructure maintenance, and high-end data backup and recovery planning, you can expect regular, quick data backups even in unforeseen events. 

Database Management 

As a managed IT services provider to financial institutions, we understand the criticality of financial databases, which is why we promise security, integrity, and prime performance. Moreover, our IT experts optimize database queries and fine-tune configurations to speed up data access. 

Application Development 

Disaster Recovery Plan 

Count on our managed IT services for financial firms to prepare a detailed disaster recovery plan customized to your business needs, including backup, recovery, and continuity, despite the business being the target of cyber attacks, natural disasters, or power outages. Moreover, expect regular testing, disaster recovery reports, and areas of improvement from our professionals. 

Network & Device Management 

Hire our IT engineers to monitor your network devices, such as mobiles, tablets, desktops, and laptops operated by your employees. They ensure each device is updated with the latest patches, which minimizes security vulnerabilities. Moreover, expect to have the employees' devices encrypted and access controls since this protects confidential data. 

Compliance Assessment Solutions 

Since financial IT infrastructure should comply with regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, FINRA, FFIEC, SEC, and AML, our compliance department professionals perform a thorough inspection, prepare a compliance plan to overcome identified gaps and enable adherence to regulations. 

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Dena Prinkey
Dena Prinkey
Rivell (ryan) was extremely helpful in solving a computer issue that I had. Very attentive, responsive and effecient. He cleared up the issue and debugged my laptop. Highly reccomend Rivell.
Robert Dovi
Robert Dovi
Rivell- Managed IT Services is fantastic to work with. They respond in a timely manner and keep our equipment operational.
Keith Trimble
Keith Trimble
Rivell is the best IT service around. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the services they provided.
Elizabeth McDermott
Elizabeth McDermott
Ryan goes above and beyond to help his clients. He is patient and extremely helpful. Go with Rivell!
Eric Dare
Eric Dare
Gabe was great. He was quick and efficient. Thank you
Charlotte Rudolph
Charlotte Rudolph
The Rivell team is amazing, issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner!!
mike romano
mike romano
After years of trying to find an IT company that could meet our firm's needs, we retained Rivell and I cannot say enough about the company's expertise and prompt service. I would recommend Rivell highly. Rivell is a revelation (no charge for the alliteration)!!!!
Brandi Adler
Brandi Adler
I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and all the guys. They are always a phone call/email away. Their time management is phenomenal. Whenever there is the slightest issue they are quick to get it resolved.

Why Choose Rivell Managed IT Services for Financial Firms?

Beyond financial data and asset protection, we extend our role to optimally utilizing cutting-edge technology to reduce overall business costs, manage risk, plan protection, and promote productivity. Let’s explore the benefits of providing managed IT services for financial industry.

IT Support for Finance

Financial Risk Identification & Prevention 

We are a tech-savvy managed IT services provider that is technically and technologically sound and has the latest digital risks related to finances and its solutions.  

Hire our financial IT solutions provider for an in-depth plan on leveraging technology to ensure optimum support for business operations and maintain customer relationships. 

Boost Productivity & Eliminate Downtime 

Our “standing on toes” attitude promises proactive monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, optimum efficiency, and zero downtime. 

Adherence to Financial Industry Regulations

Our financial industry analysts stay updated on all the regulations essential for financial institutions, including anti-corruption, tax compliance, anti-money laundering, client onboarding, and trading activity monitoring.  

Financial Data Protection

As a top-notch MSP, we’ll primarily analyze and assess your network design and infrastructure. Then, we offer security-implementation areas, including new software installation, to offer security guidance to existing employees.  

IT Support for Finance

What to Look for in a Managed IT Services Provider for Financial Firms?

You won half the battle by choosing the right managed IT services provider, but what are the factors to consider when finding the best financial IT solutions provider? Let’s understand each one of them in detail: 

Industry Expertise 

Look for subject matter experts in IT services finance who know how IT infrastructure should be set up to align with financial institutions, like banks or non-financial banking systems. Besides, check for hands-on digital solutions and manage IT services for financial institutions. 

Communication & Support

Always connect with a managed IT services provider who offers 24/7 remote IT support and solutions. Make sure they reply in real time and have a proven track record of delivering zero downtime. Moreover, hire a managed IT services provider who understands and resolves the technical issues without hindering business operations.

Service Focused 

Connect with an MSP that proactively offers IT services, such as security monitoring, regular checkups, and proactive maintenance. As a result, they will find potential issues and remove them before they cause downtime. Also, look for a scalable managed IT services provider for financial firms. 


When hiring a managed IT services provider for your financial firm, ensure the team has a cyber security expert to deal with cyber attacks or fix loopholes in the existing system. The expert must also know how to recover financial data post-disaster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We cater to the following parties, of which more than 95% are our retained clients, and we have been serving them for more than five years.

  • Private Equity House
  • Hedge Fund House
  • Family Offices House
  • Venture Capital House
  • Wealth Management House
  • Credit Unions
  • Investment Banks

As a leading MSP, we conduct thorough inspections of compliances, which helps us identify if your financial firm has any gap in following regulations, like PCI DSS, HIPAA, or FINRA. After that, we can help you develop and execute a compliance plan and stay updated with the latest regulations.

Yes, we strive to improve IT uptime for your bank/credit/investment firm with proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and disaster recovery planning.

We will offer monthly fees, helping you plan your IT budget and avoid unusual expenses. Besides, outsourcing your IT infrastructure can save a lot of costs compared to hiring in-house staff.

Hiring Managed IT services for financial firms could cost between $50 to $150 per user per month. However, you can connect with a financial managed service expert with an accurate quote.

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