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Schools & Technology 

Today, technology is everywhere, even in mundane work. Modern educational settings are no exception. With this comes the challenge of managing it properly. 

At Rivell, we offer end-to-end Managed IT services for schools. Our services provide schools with a dedicated team of IT nerds to help manage their network infrastructure. This allows their educators to focus on what matters most—teaching and building bright minds. 

Schools & Technology 

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How we work with Schools

We join hands with the schools to manage their IT needs. We proactively monitor systems, ensure safety, and help leverage technology for elevated learning outcomes.

Our remote monitoring, round-the-clock support system, and security updates keep your school and IT infrastructure running seamlessly without glitches and with negligible downtime.

What is Managed IT Service in Education? 

In the education industry, Managed IT Support helps educational institutes thrive in the digital era. It is about empowering schools and education settings with solid IT infrastructure management systems within their budget. Managed IT Support in education works as a technology partner for schools ensuring technology empowers learning without burdening educators and administrators. 

Here's how IT Managed Services help them thrive: 

What is Managed IT Service in Education? 

Why Schools Need Managed IT Services

Imagine a school where educators are not spending time fixing software issues or managing network systems. This instance becomes remote when they outsource their networking management system to professionals. That's the power of managed IT Support for the education setups.  Here's why you should need one: 


Teachers Just Teach

Stop wrestling with tech issues. Let experts manage them. These services save teachers’ time to focus on what’s more important—creating immersive lessons and cultivating a love of learning.


Budget-Friendly Experts

Managed services are more cost-effective than an on-floor IT manager. Schools pay a monthly fee for the best-managed IT service that suits their needs.  


Safe Student Data

Experts keep student information safe with top-notch security measures. They're like digital guards, constantly on guard against cyber-attacks.


Tech Works Together

Is there new educational software to integrate? Managed IT integrates them seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure, forming a tech environment that supports, not hinders, learning. 


Proactive Monitoring

IT support monitors your computer system. It is vigilant about things before they break. It catches security threats early on. Thus, keeping your network system safe. 

Managed IT Support is a magic wand for your school's technology. It lets educators focus on their core purpose while the tech experts handle the rest.

What to Expect from Our Managed IT Services Suite for Schools

Schools today work together with a complex web of technology, from Wi-Fi networks to engaging whiteboards.  But its management is challenging. That's where we come into the picture. Here are some essential services we provide:

1. Network Management 

Our managed IT services monitor your system, identifying and resolving problems before they disrupt its overall functioning.

Easy access to technology

There is no downtime. Our team keeps your network running so educators can teach and students can learn. 

Round-the-clock monitoring

We never sleep, so your network can! We proactively monitor performance and detect expected problems before they arise. 

Peace of mind

Concentrate on what matters most – teaching – while we take care of the tech. 


2. Cybersecurity Defense 

In today's digital world, protecting critical data is essential. Our Managed IT Services provide: 

Threat Detection & Response

We prevent attackers with updated security tools. 

Regular Security Audits

We identify weaknesses before they are compromised. 

Data Encryption

We work for data safety, wherever it's stored. 

Security Awareness Training

We train staff and students to stay safe online.


3. Educational Technology Integration 

Our Classroom Technology Integration expert is your extended staff. We work with your educators to: 

Create a Tech Vision

We collaborate with you to create a plan to integrate technology into your school's curriculum.

Expert Guidance

Our specialists offer support and professional development, ensuring teachers are confident using technology. 

Side-by-Side Learning

We create and co-teach lessons, helping educators to discover the prowess of tech tools.

Student Success

We create an immersive learning environment that encourages student growth and achievement.


4. Help Desk Support 

Imagine a system that collects and monitors all your school's requests – tech issues, admin needs, etc. No more lost emails or forgotten meetings! 

Request Submission

Submit tickets online or from your mobile app – it's easy! 

Clear Communication

Know the status of your requests in and get updates.

Quick Resolutions

Our team address issues quickly, keeping your school running seamlessly. 

Robust Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your school's requirements and understand areas for improvement. 


5. Device Management

Our Managed BYOD services have everything you need, including: 

Pre-Configured Devices

We ensure all devices are secure with collaboration tools and that relevant software is pre-loaded.

Easy Management

Our system simplifies device enrollment, updates, and security practices.  

Expert Support

Our team is available to help troubleshoot any issues. 


6. Compliance Management 

Our Managed IT Services provide an extensive compliance solution, including: 

Compliance Expertise

Our team remains up-to-date on complex regulations like FERPA and HIPAA. 

Automated Workflows

Organize compliance tasks with automated processes. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain clear insights into compliance status with accessible, detailed reports.  

Regular Audits

Audits identify and address potential compliance gaps before they become problems.


7. Cloud Management 

We handle your cloud data offering you safe and threat-free support services: 

Experts at your Disposal

Our team remain updated about the latest changes in the cloud segment to keep your data updated and compliant. 

Transparent Reporting

You can have real-time access and insights into your cloud and regular comprehensive reports. 

Prioritize Work

Automated tools handle day-to-day cloud-based tasks, giving you enough time for your core responsibilities. 

Security Audits

We frequently audit your cloud security system, detecting and resolving threats before they arise.


8. Disaster Management

Our IT-managed Services ensure the safety of your school's highly classified data through Data Backup and Recovery management solutions. 

Automatic Backups

Regular automatic backups are in place, casting a layer of safety net in case of any disaster. 

Secure Offsite Data

We keep your data offshore; protecting it from outrage.  

Rapid Recovery

Your critical data is recovered fast, in case of data loss without disturbing your functioning. 

Regular Testing

Regular testing of the backup and recovery system is in place for extra security. 


Google Reviews

Dena Prinkey
Dena Prinkey
Rivell (ryan) was extremely helpful in solving a computer issue that I had. Very attentive, responsive and effecient. He cleared up the issue and debugged my laptop. Highly reccomend Rivell.
Robert Dovi
Robert Dovi
Rivell- Managed IT Services is fantastic to work with. They respond in a timely manner and keep our equipment operational.
Keith Trimble
Keith Trimble
Rivell is the best IT service around. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the services they provided.
Elizabeth McDermott
Elizabeth McDermott
Ryan goes above and beyond to help his clients. He is patient and extremely helpful. Go with Rivell!
Eric Dare
Eric Dare
Gabe was great. He was quick and efficient. Thank you
Charlotte Rudolph
Charlotte Rudolph
The Rivell team is amazing, issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner!!
mike romano
mike romano
After years of trying to find an IT company that could meet our firm's needs, we retained Rivell and I cannot say enough about the company's expertise and prompt service. I would recommend Rivell highly. Rivell is a revelation (no charge for the alliteration)!!!!
Brandi Adler
Brandi Adler
I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and all the guys. They are always a phone call/email away. Their time management is phenomenal. Whenever there is the slightest issue they are quick to get it resolved.

Why Choose Rivell for Managed IT Services in Education?

A Squad of Education Experts

We speak your language and know your schools' specific needs. 

Proactive Care, Not Just Repairs

We detect and address potential issues before they emerge and disrupt learning. 

24/7 Support

We're always here to help whenever you need us.

Focus on Security

We keep your student and other critical data safe with top-notch security measures. 

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We offer a variety of plans to fit your school's requirements without killing your budget. 

Are you tired of tech snags disrupting your classrooms? Choose Rivell for your Managed IT Services. We go beyond the expected, offering a winning strategic edge in today's ever-changing tech world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Focus on Teaching: It frees teachers from additional work or IT management and allows them to focus on teaching and shaping future citizens.

Cut Costs: Cuts down the need for a large in-house IT department, with predefined monthly fees.

Better Security: Protects student data with robust security systems and professional monitoring.

Elevated Uptime: Reduces disruptions and keeps your school’s system running smoothly.

Proactive Support: Identifies and considers potential problems before they impact learning.

  • Network Management & Monitoring
  • New Technology Integration
  • Device Management (laptops, tablets, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity Protection
  • Help Desk Support for Educators, Staff & Students
  • Compliance Management

Our team can help you integrate new educational technology tools with existing systems, ensuring a synchronized learning environment that supports innovative teaching methods.

Data security is our priority. We implement industry best security measures to protect your student information from cyber threats.

We have various plans that suit your school’s requirements and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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