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Co-Managed IT Services NJ

The world is hyper-digitized, and companies use technology to make their working processes automated and digitized. On the other hand, managing complex IT infrastructures may be an enormous task for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which often do not have in-house IT resources or capabilities. It is this area in which Co-Managed IT Services, as a collaborative relation of the in-house IT teams and the external managed service providers, allows the best operational strategy to be executed. Rivell provides Collaborative IT Services in New Jersey (NJ) that will have a significant impact on your organizations in this digital age.

Co-Managed IT Services NJ
Co-Managed IT Services NJ
Co-Managed IT Services NJ

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Co-Managed IT Services By Rivell

Co-Managed IT Services, usually known as Hybrid IT Management, involves a collaboration between the company’s IT personnel themselves and the Managed Service Provider (MSP). This collaborative model is based on coordination whereby all the parties are expected to share the burden so contribute to the high level of IT performance. Through Collaborative Managed IT Service provisions by Rivell, organizations can leverage the experience and skills of outside professionals and consider their own circumstances. Our service includes tailored solutions that enable a more comprehensive and broad range of skills and provides a solid framework for a coordinated and well-tuned IT environment, aligned and objective-driven to each organization.

Co-Managed IT Services NJ
Co-Managed IT Services NJ

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Benefits of Co-Managed IT Services NJ

Enhanced Expertise

According to the CompTIA survey, which states that 6% of the companies that use managed services have reduced their in-house IT department, shows that the move is beneficial to businesses as well as to the workforce. Through an alliance with Co-Managed IT Services in NJ, enterprises get an opportunity to establish a relationship with a group of experts possessing extensive knowledge and expertise in a wide range of IT fields.


Outsourcing information technology services can have many benefits. Among the most important ones is the reduction of expenses. A survey by Deloitte found that 59% of companies outsource to reduce costs, while 57% outsource to access a broader range of skills and expertise. Co-Managed IT Services offer a flexible pricing model, allowing businesses to pay for services they need, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

24/7 Monitoring and Support

Preventive supervision and 24/7 support allows the least amount of downtime and quick settlement of IT issues with the least time possible. Hence, the business is assured of increased productivity and customer satisfaction.


As enterprises reach maturity, their information technology needs to change accordingly. This approach of co-managed IT services in NJ offers scale-up solutions, which can be easily modified to meet new or changing demands. Thus, IT infrastructure always aligns itself with the business goals.


As cyberthreats and data breaches as well as joint regulations of compliance are growing, cybersecurity is now number one on the list of issues of businesses. Providing co-managed IT services resulted in the deployment of full-fledged security measures like threat detection, intrusion prevention, and data encryption, which were aimed at defending vital information.

The Power of Co-Managed IT Service Providers

Co-Managed IT Services Providers, which are professional in this field as well, branded with Co-Managed Service Provider (CMSP), are companies that work with other companies in a form of teamwork, both perform related IT tasks either via cooperative efforts between both parties or complementing each other's expertise. Conversely, the Co-Managed IT Service Providers, which are not the same as the regular managed service providers who deal with all IT functions of a client, work with the client's own in-house IT personnel. Here are some key points about Co-Managed IT Service Providers: Here are some key points about Co-Managed IT Service Providers:

Service Provider

Collaborative Approach

Co-Managed IT Service Providers collaborate with the internal IT department of the represented firm to provide top-quality IT service. Such collaboration becomes an advantage for businesses applying their own internal capabilities combined with the outsource provider's skill set.

Shared Responsibilities

The day-to-day of this approach involves the IT division and CMSP sharing the responsibility. CMSP exemplifies plans developed for the specific work scope, projects, or areas of expertise that address the client’s precise needs.

Tailored Solutions

CMSPs is paving the way for customized technology that fits seamlessly with your needs, regardless of your size or industry. This proposition involves the business getting the support they need while reducing unnecessary expenses and free from those services they do not require.

Expertise and Resources

CMSPs are rich in these strategic contributions such as specialized experiences, expertise, and skills. They created experts, possessing technologies needed and owning the most relevant practices employed in the management of IT systems of their client.


The services of co-managed IT providers open "broad avenues" in terms of how services can be delivered and how easily they can be scaled. Customers can tailor the supply amount as well as their services by adjusting the level of support based on their business requirements, which allows them to have cost-effectiveness and optimal performance.

Areas of Service

CMSPs cover an extensive range of IT services – starting from the basic network management, security to advanced ones like cloud services, data backup, recovery, physical infrastructure, help desk and strategic IT planning.

Benefits for Businesses

Benefits for Businesses

Do you belong to industries like healthcare, manufacturing, education, or handling a law firm? Partnering with a Co-Managed IT Service Provider can give a firm multiple advantages, including increased IT capabilities, reduced cost, special skill access, safety and security in technology operations, proactive monitoring to avoid disruptions and support, and scalability to support business growth. However, overall, the Benefits of this method are comparable with On-Premise IT Service Providers when it comes to assisting customers with the upkeep of their IT operations, overcoming challenges, and achieving their technical goals in the long term by adopting a joint and individualized approach to the IT charity and services.

However, overall, the Benefits of this method are comparable with On-Premise IT Service Providers when it comes to assisting customers with the upkeep of their IT operations, overcoming challenges, and achieving their technical goals in the long term by adopting a joint and individualized approach to the IT charity and services.

Implementing Co-Managed IT Services



The way to start is to perform a diagnostic study of your current IT environment, find out the sources of issues, and decide where outside help is necessary.

Partner Selection

Partner Selection

Make a reliable partner, for example, in Rivell Co-Managed IT Services in NJ who has a reputable history of proven service delivery, industry certifications, and a comprehensive range of services that meet your business needs.



Transition from old service provider to new is smooth through joint participation. Set the responsibilities, roles, and lines of communication between the individuals involved with the orderly transfer of power.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

There is no doubt that careful monitoring, performance analysis, and constant optimization are the core pillars of maximization of the opportunities that the Co-Managed IT Services provide. Conduct periodic reviews and see problems and improve them feedback sessions.

Why Choose Rivell for Co-Managed IT Services NJ?

Rivell is a prime seaport for Co-Managed IT Solutions in New Jersey, delivering customized solutions to equip businesses for success in the digital realm. With a team of experienced professionals, cutting-edge technologies, and a customer-centric approach, Rivell delivers:

Comprehensive IT Support

Via network management and cloud services, cyber security and disaster recovery, Rivell provides solutions range to fit your requirements.

Proactive Monitoring

Utilizing our intelligent monitoring systems helps in the early detection of impending problems and prevents the system from going down and performing more efficiently.

Scalable Solutions

Whether it is a small start-up or large-scale enterprise, you can get personalized solutions that grow with your business, thus guaranteeing long hold.

Cybersecurity Expertise

You can shield your precious data and stuff with Rivell’s powerful cybersecurity system which incorporates monitoring, compliance management and employee training.

24/7 Support

Our responsive support team is willing to assist you whenever you have any IT issues on site and immediately address them which ensures your business operations continue smoothly.

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Dena Prinkey
Dena Prinkey
Rivell (ryan) was extremely helpful in solving a computer issue that I had. Very attentive, responsive and effecient. He cleared up the issue and debugged my laptop. Highly reccomend Rivell.
Robert Dovi
Robert Dovi
Rivell- Managed IT Services is fantastic to work with. They respond in a timely manner and keep our equipment operational.
Keith Trimble
Keith Trimble
Rivell is the best IT service around. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the services they provided.
Elizabeth McDermott
Elizabeth McDermott
Ryan goes above and beyond to help his clients. He is patient and extremely helpful. Go with Rivell!
Eric Dare
Eric Dare
Gabe was great. He was quick and efficient. Thank you
Charlotte Rudolph
Charlotte Rudolph
The Rivell team is amazing, issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner!!
mike romano
mike romano
After years of trying to find an IT company that could meet our firm's needs, we retained Rivell and I cannot say enough about the company's expertise and prompt service. I would recommend Rivell highly. Rivell is a revelation (no charge for the alliteration)!!!!
Brandi Adler
Brandi Adler
I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and all the guys. They are always a phone call/email away. Their time management is phenomenal. Whenever there is the slightest issue they are quick to get it resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Co-Managed IT Services refer to a symbiotic relationship between an enterprise’s internal IT department and an external Managed Service Provider (MSP). Such collaboration enables firms to make use of the MSP’s skills while holding onto their control of the information technology systems. In New Jersey, there are several merits for businesses, among them being increased specialization, cost-effectiveness, continuous supervision and maintenance, scalability and better security against cyber threats.

Under the partnership model used in Co-Managed IT Services, daily activities are overseen by the firm’s in-house staff members who work with MSPs during strategic planning and execution of special tasks or projects. Rivell ensures that companies can have access to outside knowledge while not losing sight or authority over their own operations.

Rivell Co-Managed IT Services cover various types of information technology services including managing networks, maintaining cloud computing resources, providing cybersecurity solutions, looking after infrastructure components like servers etc., disaster recovery planning as well as data backup among others required by organizations in New Jersey for optimizing their ICT environments.

Co-managed IT services are designed for businesses in New Jersey who want to optimize IT support according to industry type and size; they may even consider growth plans or particular technological requirements which can be factored into these packages. To meet the one-of-a-kind needs of each company Rivell and others similar to it offer customized solutions as well as flexible pricing models that ensure the best possible performance in and efficiency of information technology.

Rivell use strong firewalls, intrusion detection systems, malware protection tools, data encryption methods among others to ensure co-managed IT services security. Such measures help to secure sensitive data owned by businesses in New Jersey which may otherwise be compromised through various cyber attacks while at the same time ensuring observance with relevant regulations thereby safeguarding both their reputation and assets in information technology.

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