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Instant healthcare. Fastest HIPAA servers. A team of IT-based healthcare experts is always ready to assist. 

The rise of many federal laws like PCI DSS and HIPAA have raised the bar for healthcare providers to implement technology in healthcare. People expect only the best in class security measures which are easily available under our umbrella of Healthcare IT managed services. 

Our budget-friendly and cost-reliant Healthcare managed  IT services meet your organization’s unique needs ensuring your security and compliance 24/7. For convenient Healthcare managed IT  services support Rivell is the one to rely upon. 


Healthcare IT management experts with 30+ years of experience.

HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2-certified specialists.

HIPAA-compliant, SOC 2-certified specialists.

Customized services to meet your unique healthcare IT needs. 

Customized services to meet your unique healthcare IT needs. 

Issues Resolved

200,000+ Issues Resolved.

Make Sure Your Patients Deserve Cutting-edge Services and Your Physicians' State-of-the-art Tools With Our Healthcare IT-Managed Services.

Healthcare organizations love our services as we offer: 

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24/7 issue response with US-specific healthcare services. 

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Highly assuring service levels with downtime compensation

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With sub-minute RTO/RPO, tier 5 platinum data center is available cross-country. 

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Complete software support for lifetime systems such as interface customization, interop, and maintenance. 

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Consistent onsite visits to curtail IT healthcare issues in the long run. 

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In-built cloud EMR and healthcare software services. 

We value healthcare IT services. It is in our blood to implement commendable health care through technology. This is why multiple hospitals and organizations have found comfort and trust in our services and rest assured that their healthcare services are efficient, agile, and reliable. 

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IT Managed Healthcare
Services We Deliver 

Technology has seeped into our lives so deeply that it has become an integral part of healthcare and medicine as well. Today, issues such as extended downtime, cyber-attacks, and other IT problems must not be issues anymore.

There are many IT services for healthcare providers that we deliver which have never disappointed our clients in the past. Some of these include: 

IT Managed Healthcare Services
IT Managed Healthcare Services
Catering to Your Medical Needs via IT Services
Catering to Your Medical Needs via IT Services

Catering to Your Medical
Needs via IT Services

Your efforts should be directed towards patients instead of managing IT services for healthcare, which is where we come into the picture. We provide complete healthcare IT services aiding your medical practice with the desired outcome across care flow. 

Cost management is another feature that can effectively help you manage your healthcare IT services pricing list. Monitor the security of your medical records while having instant access to your files in a manner that is time-sensitive with maximum network uptime. 

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Dena Prinkey
Dena Prinkey
Rivell (ryan) was extremely helpful in solving a computer issue that I had. Very attentive, responsive and effecient. He cleared up the issue and debugged my laptop. Highly reccomend Rivell.
Robert Dovi
Robert Dovi
Rivell- Managed IT Services is fantastic to work with. They respond in a timely manner and keep our equipment operational.
Keith Trimble
Keith Trimble
Rivell is the best IT service around. I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the services they provided.
Elizabeth McDermott
Elizabeth McDermott
Ryan goes above and beyond to help his clients. He is patient and extremely helpful. Go with Rivell!
Eric Dare
Eric Dare
Gabe was great. He was quick and efficient. Thank you
Charlotte Rudolph
Charlotte Rudolph
The Rivell team is amazing, issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner!!
mike romano
mike romano
After years of trying to find an IT company that could meet our firm's needs, we retained Rivell and I cannot say enough about the company's expertise and prompt service. I would recommend Rivell highly. Rivell is a revelation (no charge for the alliteration)!!!!
Brandi Adler
Brandi Adler
I cannot say enough good things about Ryan and all the guys. They are always a phone call/email away. Their time management is phenomenal. Whenever there is the slightest issue they are quick to get it resolved.

Why Choose Us?

For starters, our optimized IT environment helps medical practices in New Jersey aid the patients and staff conveniently. Our IT experts are savant in specific security needs and compliance standards required in the healthcare industry. We understand the goals and vision of your business and the budget you are comfortable with delivering you world-class technology solutions. 

Data Backup and Recovery

Network outages have been a recurring issue in healthcare systems these days. Hence, preventing them must be your primary focus. We offer seamless data backup and recovery to make sure there are no interruptions during operations. 

Cyber Security Management

Your patient’s information should remain private and encrypted. This is where a strong cyber security plan comes in. Our tutelage to your staff about technology and security changes will accomplish this and also fill any gaps and offer recommendations. 

Strategic IT consulting

Your medical practices and business goals must align perfectly to break through the industry. We offer a customized IT plan that is streamlined to your business goals and offer support along the way. 

Around-the-clock IT support

In times uncalled for catastrophic issues might ensue. Our IT support department deals with them ensuring convenience in patient care. We provide 24/7 support to tackle any unprecedented issues. 

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How Do Our Healthcare It Service Providers Help You Out
How Do Our Healthcare It Service Providers Help You Out

How Do Our Healthcare IT Service Providers Help You Out?

Due to the advent of technology, nowadays patients expect to have more access to their physicians and healthcare experts than usual. They strive for online tools to analyze information, schedule appointments, and look at test results. For such demands to be fulfilled, complex technological solutions require regular maintenance and updates. 

We make sure that all your healthcare platforms are functioning effortlessly, all the time. With cost control and enhanced security, you can enjoy a consistently updated and optimized computing environment offering high efficiency. It is our job to manage the complex backend IT systems so that you can focus on providing healthcare for your patients. 

Other Tailored IT-Managed Solutions for Healthcare Excellence 

Due to stringent laws, trusted IT services are more significant for healthcare organizations than other businesses including HIPAA as well as other security protocols. Our goal is to provide our clients with enhanced data encryption, increase productivity, and curtail prices. Some of the additional services we provide are: 

Peace of mind: Our dedicated bunch of IT experts act as your virtual partner, proactively managing your IT infrastructure, resolving issues swiftly, and ensuring seamless technology performance. 

IT Consulting Services

We provide precise and succinct IT consulting services that contribute valuable insights to your business strategies and methodologies. We also offer you the majority of the current IT infrastructure. 

Co-managed IT Services

We provide co-managed IT services along with a collaborative approach to IT management and support, coupled with the expertise and tools available by our managed service providers. 

Impenetrable Security: We build robust security solutions to protect patient data, medical records, and delicate yet strong systems from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other threats. 

Agile Cloud Solution: We deliver the flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions for data storage, disaster recovery, and remote access to medical applications. Thus offering improved collaboration and accessibility. 

Rock-solid Connectivity: We design and implement secure, high-performance networks to keep under check your vital medical devices, electronic health records systems, and real-time communication across your healthcare facilities. 

Enhanced Interaction: We optimize Microsoft 365 tools for secure communication, efficient patient management, and streamlined workflow among healthcare staff. 

Disaster Management: We implement robust data backup and recovery solutions to guarantee business continuity in case of emergencies, protecting critical patient information and minimizing downtime. 

With our comprehensive IT solutions, you can focus on what truly matters – delivering the best patient care while keeping pace with the digital age of healthcare. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are available around the clock, whenever you need us. We realize the significance and critical nature of our industry which is why our healthcare professionals are available 24/7 to attend to any issues that might regurgitate ensuring seamless patient care and system dependency.
It is not fixed. As it varies as per the size of the company, number of users, and the specific services needed. However, it is more cost-saving than building and maintaining an in-house IT team.
Under these circumstances, your data is safe and stored in their secure data centers. These data centers have multiple layers of security. Hence your data is completely safe from unauthorized access, loss, or any harm.

Absolutely! Using a managed IT service provider in nj (MSP) doesn’t mean losing control over your IT infrastructure. Instead, it’s like creating a strategic partnership where the MSP manages the day-to-day management and maintenance, while you retain the more crucial decision-making authority.

To ensure this you need to check out their certifications, client feedback, and security practices. You should ask for aligned goals, proactive prevention and tech-savvy growth.

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