Concealed Weapon Detection

Launching Motorola Solutions Advanced Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD) Technology: Now Accessible at Rivell.

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Concealed Weapon Detection Technology
Concealed Weapon Detection
Concealed Weapon Detection system
Concealed Weapon Detection
Concealed Weapon Detection

Protecting Your Space with Rivell Concealed Weapons Detection System

At Rivell, we are committed to giving our clients the greatest security options available. We have joined forces with industry leaders Motorola Solutions and Avigilon to deliver innovative technology that satisfies the highest security requirements. We can provide cutting-edge security solutions because we cooperated with Motorola Solutions, with its Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD) technology, which is powered by Evolv Technology.

A vital security tool known as CWD finds explosives and weapons that are concealed from view. The Motorola Solutions CWD product is built to the highest security requirements and includes cutting-edge sensors and algorithms that make it possible to quickly, precisely, and reliably identify concealed weapons. The device, which is powered by Evolv Technology, uses advanced sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately find even the smallest and best-hidden weapons.

The Motorola Solutions Concealed Weapon Detection product's real-time detection of concealed weapons, especially in congested and bustling areas, is one of its most notable characteristics. As a result, security officers can react to possible threats swiftly and reduce the dangers to public safety.

The Motorola Solutions CWD solution is designed to deliver dependable performance over an extended period. It is a dependable and affordable security solution for organizations of all sizes since it can survive continuous usage and is made to function in a variety of locations and circumstances.

Key Features and Benefits of CWD

CWD technology employs contemporary sensors and algorithms to precisely and dependably find concealed firearms. The following are the critical elements of CWD technology:

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

Security staff can simply use and administer the system even with only rudimentary training thanks to the system's user-friendly design. The operator of the CWD system is guided through each stage of the scanning process by simple software. How to set up the scanner, begin the scan, and analyze the findings are all made very plain and straightforward by the software.

Numerous Detection Techniques

Numerous Detection Techniques

Security staff can simply use and administer the system even with only rudimentary training thanks to the system's user-friendly design. The operator of the CWD system is guided through each stage of the scanning process by simple software. How to set up the scanner, begin the scan, and analyze the findings are all made very plain and straightforward by the software.


CWD technology is non-intrusive, which means it doesn't demand or encroach on private space. Your company's security measures are dependable and respectful of people's right to privacy since CWD technology can detect concealed weapons without violating their privacy. CWD technology is a great option for crowded spaces like malls and airports because of its unobtrusive design, which reduces the likelihood that it would impede or delay movement in public areas.

Speed & Effectiveness

CWD can quickly and effectively scan persons while causing the least amount of interruption to foot traffic. This makes it the perfect answer for crowded public locations like airports, sports stadiums, and music venues since it enables security staff to screen more people in less time.



CWD technology integrates with current security systems, such as access control and video surveillance, to provide a comprehensive security solution. You can be confident that your company's security procedures are coordinated and provide the most significant level of protection thanks to Motorola’s solution's ability to interact with other systems. By integrating CWD's invention with other security measures, your company can develop a complete security solution that offers the best defense against potential attacks.’

High Precision

High Precision

Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD), one of Motorola’s most dependable solutions, has high precision. CWD systems use state-of-the-art technology and highly complex algorithms to rapidly and precisely identify potential risks. The high accuracy rate of CWD technology ensures that your company can take the appropriate security actions to fend off attacks and keep people safe.


Security options that can be changed

CWD can be altered to accommodate the unique security requirements of various locations and events. To make the system functional and efficient in various situations, security staff can modify the system's sensitivity levels and create security zones.



Motorola’s Concealed Weapon Detection system's tremendous scalability allows small and extensive public areas to use it. No matter how big or where your organization is, it can implement adequate security measures thanks to the scalability of Motorola’s CWD product. CWD technology can be tailored to match the unique security requirements of your business, ensuring that both your staff and clients are well-protected.

Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD)

Various CWD Industry Operations

Here are some instances of how CWD can be applied in various industrial CWD processes.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare Sector

CWD can be operated to screen visitors and keep firearms off the grounds in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. This can shield patients, employees, and guests from danger.

Entertainment Sector

Entertainment Sector

CWD can be implemented to check people and keep firearms out of large-scale events like concerts and festivals. This might improve security and guarantee that everyone attending events is safe and secure.


Retail Sector

CWD can be used to screen people and keep guns out of stores in the retail sector. Customers' and staff' safety can be ensured as well as security can be improved.

Education Sector

CWD can be utilized to check students and visitors for hidden weapons at schools and universities. This can improve student and teacher safety by reducing violent episodes on campus.

Law Enforcement & Government

Law Enforcement & Government Sector

CWD can be used by government organizations and law enforcement agents to check people accessing high-security zones or government facilities. By doing so, possible dangers may be avoided and the security of both workers and guests can be guaranteed.

Transportation Sector

CWD can be employed to screen people and find concealed weapons in airports, railway stations and bus terminals. This can improve passenger safety by preventing possible threats from boarding public transit.

Our All-Inclusive CWD Technology Approach

Our strategy for CWD entails utilizing advanced technology, such as modern sensors and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, to swiftly and effectively detect concealed weapons.

CWD technology can spot a variety of deadly weapons, such as explosives, guns, and knives, hidden in various places, including body cavities, clothing, and bags.

Thanks to our tight collaboration with Motorola Solutions and Avigilon, CWD technology is perfectly integrated with the security personnel's current security standards and processes. Our objective is to offer a complete and efficient CWD solution that improves security and safety for the general population.

CWD Technology Approach
Concealed Weapon Detection

Save Lives with CWD Technology Now

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CWD solution offers a comprehensive security solution for your business, safeguarding your clients' and employees' protection and welfare.

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