Top Managed IT Services: What are Managed Services in the Cloud?

September 9, 2022

Managed IT Services

If you own or manage a business, you’re likely to always seek new ways to run your business more efficiently. The more efficiently a business is run, the more profitable it can be. Managed services in the cloud have become increasingly popular among businesses for a number of reasons. Here is an overview of managed IT services in the cloud so you can determine if it’s right for you and your business.

What is included in Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services can include a number of different functions, depending on what a particular business is looking for. While some businesses opt for a few managed services in the cloud, other businesses desire to have 100% of their services managed in this manner. So, what exactly is included in managed IT services? Businesses can choose from:

  • Payroll processing services, which can simplify billing
  • Computing and data analytics
  • Next-gen infrastructure
  • Cyber security
  • Business consulting
  • Blockchain, and a great deal more

Each company evaluates its own individual needs in order to determine which managed IT services that they want to obtain assistance with. An MSP can also make recommendations to a business and explain why certain managed IT services should be opted for and how they would benefit a particular business. While some small businesses might only opt for one or two services because that is all they really need, other businesses could possibly benefit from additional services, so they shouldn’t limit themselves because they feel the cost is too great. These businesses will often realize that they’re actually saving money in the long run, regardless of how many managed IT services they decide to sign up for.

What is the Best IT Solution for a Small Business?

With a massive number of possible IT solutions for small businesses available, there are some that are better than others. One that really stands out among the many others is Rivell. 

Why Rivell? First of all, Rivell has been providing top-notch IT solutions for small businesses for more than 20 years, and this has enabled Rivell to gain an abundance of experience providing this very important service.

Not only is Rivell reliable and trustworthy, but their expertise in the field is what sets them apart from competitors. Rival goes above and beyond to ensure that all their customers’ needs are met, if not exceeded. Not only does Rival have experience providing services for some of the top-named and well-known companies, but they have such a positive reputation that many of the companies that have partnered with them would be happy to recommend Rival.

Why Do Small Businesses Need MSP?

Not all small businesses are even aware that managed IT services exist and what they can offer their company. Despite this fact, there are many reasons why small businesses need an MSP for continuous support. First of all, small business owners sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount and magnitude of responsibilities that they have. These daily tasks can seem endless, but an MSP can manage many, if not all, of their IT responsibilities. This can free up time for these small business owners to focus on other tasks that are more pressing. Therefore, some pressure is taken off them and they often no longer feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Another reason why small businesses need an MSP is because, instead of attempting to go at it alone and manage all IT problems themselves, there is an entire team available for support with an MSP. So, instead of relying on another person with whom you may work, who undoubtedly needs time off periodically, or attempting to manage all of the IT issues that arise as well as other tasks, the MSP will always be available to provide the IT support that you need. IT professionals aren’t only needed when problems arise, but they’re also needed to prevent problems from occurring in the first place, which is why managed IT services are so necessary for all small businesses.

Furthermore, small business owners can definitely benefit from the constant IT support that is available through their MSP. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict when a technical problem might occur. If a small business only has knowledgeable people available during certain hours and an issue arises after hours, then this could become a major problem. Luckily, with an MSP, IT support is always available, regardless of the day or time. This way, issues get resolved much faster, and with greater efficiency.

Yet another reason why small businesses need to partner with an MSP is because in-house IT staff may be needed to work on special products and may not have time to fix every IT issue that arises. However, by partnering with a high-quality MSP, small businesses can keep their IT staff free to work on their special assignments, without the need to run out and manage every IT problem that arises.

Many small businesses need assistance with getting their spending under control, and that’s another positive aspect of opting for managed services through cloud hosting, because this service can definitely limit spending. Instead of paying multiple IT staff to work full-time hours, all a small business does is pay the MSP, and the MSP provides unlimited services.

So, for business owners who are tired of feeling overwhelmed and burned out because of their massive number of responsibilities, partnering with a reputable and reliable MSP can quickly relieve their stress while allowing them adequate time to handle other pressing matters.

Some small businesses that are just starting out might see managed IT services as a waste of money, but not only can these services assist a company with becoming more lucrative, but small businesses could even possibly save money by opting for such services. Every company seeking an MSP will have a different experience, but hopefully all their experiences are positive, especially if they choose to partner with Rivell, one of the leaders in the industry.

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