5 Essential Places to Install Security Cameras at Your Business

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Installing security cameras in a business facility is essential for keeping the area safe. It is crucial to strategically place cameras in the most effective locations to ensure maximum coverage. Doing so may reduce the number of cameras required, leading to cost savings in installation, software, and hardware. To get the most out of your security camera system, here are some of the best spots to install them:

1. Front and Back Entrances

It is important to consider security camera placement at the entrance of a building. The cameras should be able to cover the entire hall inside and outside of the building as well as the approach to the entrance from all sides. In addition, security cameras should be placed at the entrance to the offices on all floors to maximize efficiency and minimize the number of cameras needed.

2. Storage Rooms

Having a camera in a storage room or warehouse helps businesses. The cameras allow companies to monitor their assets, ensuring everything is in order. This, in turn, minimizes the chances of theft or mishandling of company items. Moreover, the footage can be used to investigate any accidents in the warehouse. Having cameras in storage and warehouse areas effectively protects the company and its valuable possessions.

3. Hiding Spots and Secluded Areas

It is essential to ensure security cameras monitor your property. This depends on your budget, but the main hallways and stairways should be the most important areas. If finances are tight, it may be a good idea to install dummy camera shells to give the appearance of a camera being present. While this may have the desired effect, it is important to remember that there will be no recorded footage available to view if something were to happen. It is also important to notify employees that they are being recorded to avoid potential legal issues.

4. Offices

Security cameras in offices can be a great way to ensure safety and increase productivity. Depending on the layout of the office, cameras can be placed on the ceiling for an overview of the cubicles or in the corners to cover the entire room. Research suggests that corner cameras are the best option for open-plan spaces, and cameras placed on the ceiling provide the most accurate cubicle recordings. If budget allows, ceiling cameras can cover the entire area for the most precise results.

5. Elevators

Surveillance cameras are essential in elevator cabins to ensure passengers’ safety and monitor who is entering and leaving. Also, having a visual of the inside of the elevator is helpful in case of any technical problems or if someone feels anxious due to the enclosed space. A video surveillance system can provide an extra layer of protection for your customers and should be a priority for any business with elevators.


It is essential to install security cameras at your business to ensure the safety of your employees and customers and the security of the company’s assets. By installing security cameras at these locations, business owners can deter theft and vandalism, monitor employee activity, and provide evidence in the event of an accident or dispute. Security cameras are a great investment for business owners as they offer peace of mind and can help improve overall security at the business.

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