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Security is not just a product, but also a way of thinking and acting

With the IT world moving at a fast pace, IT departments and firms have to constantly work on improving the monitoring and management of a large variety of security related issues from hacking and viruses to worms and insider threats. With this kind of problems, vigilance is the key, raising the need to both visualize and isolate all threats. Nowadays the traditional firewall doesn’t provide enough protection. Unified threat management or unified security management comes as a great approach towards managing the wide variety of infrastructure components and security applications by using a single management system.

Benefit from real-time protection from various types of attacks with the best unified threat management solutions. A modern security solution implies much more than just a working antivirus. While a data network is tough to be fully protected at all times, one need to look further than the common antivirus program to reach a good security level.

Simplicity is the key

A unified threat solution keeps your system protected at all times while simplifying management and still maintaining a high level of network performance.

Have all the UTM solution tools you need, combined into a single security console:

Intrusion detection
Prevention of threats
Content filter
Leak prevention

The UTM hardware, installed between your data network and the internet, will filter all traffic to and from the internet and will promptly alert the network administrator of any possible security problem.

Have your business protected from targeted attacks and evasive threats that first generation programs don’t see. UTM solutions offer a deep level of visibility into the detection of malicious attacks and the conduct of unknown malware.

Dealing with threats and better prevention of malware as well as cyber crime

The emergence of a new kind of threat, a combination of a large variety of malware, which attacks all separate parts of your network at the same time, leads to higher risk. Preventing these kinds of complex attacks would be quite difficult if you use separate threat management solutions for every single security task. If you do this, all appliances have to be updated and dealt with separately for them to remain current and be able to face the fast-evolving viruses, worms and different types of malware.

UTM solutions make the threat prevention process a lot easier by creating a sole point of defense. Sure, this can also become a drawback, many firms opting for a second software line of defense. However, the sheer simplicity of having just one console run by one IT segment raises the level of organization and leads to a higher level of threat prevention by having access to real-time threat intelligence you can act on.

Make your data network safer with this simple, next-generation protection against advanced threats. Detect and block persistent threats with the best-unified threat management solutions and never look back!

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