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Understanding Shadow IT

understanding-shadow-it Understanding shadow IT can be a complex process. Essentially shadow IT is used to refer to IT systems that are used within businesses but that do not have clear approval from the organization. Although an organization will generally look after their immediately software and hardware needs, there is always going to be activity that is not accounted for. Workers in a company may have a certain level of competence when it comes to computers but they may lack the depth of knowledge it takes to recognize threats to company technology systems.

Because of this, employers may well download certain software on their work computer for their personal use that can have undesired effects for the company as a whole. Examples of these applications include email software, instant messaging and other programs. By understanding shadow IT services and the solutions that are available to you, you can minimize the risk in your company.

The Threats of Shadow IT

The main threat when it comes to shadow IT is the security of information within a company. The most common applications used by those working in a company are social media related programs such as those from websites like Facebook and Google. They are both easy to use and popular among employers. However simple applications like these can threaten the overall security system within the organization as they come with very lax security systems themselves. By making a point of understanding shadow IT service providers you can find out how an expert shadow IT company can help you protect the information and your company in the process. RIVELL.COM Company can help put measures into place that will keep both your employers and organization safe and secure.

What are the Solutions to Shadow IT?

Understanding shadow IT management companies and what they can offer you is easy with RIVELL.COM Company. We can offer you a full package of services tailored to your company. The social aspect of your work force is likely to be the biggest cause of shadow IT. This is something that you need to pay careful attention to in your business, so that the threat is minimized. This can be done through understanding shadow IT management solutions such as creating internal systems that mimic your employers’ favorite applications while remaining completely safe for them to use.

As well as providing an alternative to sites that compromise information security, this can lead to new ways of communicating in your company and can even improve communication altogether. Businesses may also choose invest in mobile devices for their employees so that they do not resort to using their own devices for the transfer and discussion of company information. There are so many solutions to combating shadow IT that many forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of. If you are worried about the implications of shadow IT within your company, contact RIVELL.COM Company today. We can help you keep all the information in your organization completely secure while maintaining great communication between employees.