Teachers can now call parents from their school's phone number, 100% free of charge, for 30 days.

In effort to help our educator friends, we're offering our voice over IP (VoIP) phone service 100% free of charge, for 30 days, for educators who need to call parents from their cell phones and don't want to share their personal cell phone number. Now teachers can call parents from their mobile phone device and the call recipient will see the phone number of the school, NOT the cell phone!

Teachers can now remotely call parents using
the school’s phone number for FREE!

Our Rivell Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service is being offered completely free for 30 days, for a limited
number of qualifying school districts. The Rivell VoIP platform is used by school districts, townships,
cities, municipalities, police, fire and rescue agencies all over the U.S.

This free service includes the following

Android and iOS

Completely free use of an Android and iOS app to make phone calls. The call recipient will only see the school district's phone number, not the cell phone number where the call is being made from. This protects teachers and other staff members while using their personal phone numbers.

Phone and Video Chat Sessions

Use of a web client to bring phone, video and chat sessions into a single interface. Users can also check the status of colleagues and initiate calls from a classroom/office extension. Ability for teachers and other staff members to call each other using just their extension.

Intuitive Software

Installable, easy to use, intuitive software for Windows and Mac allowing users to make calls on desktop/laptop computers from their remote extension. Users can also make calls from the application.

To find out if your district qualifies,
please click here to submit your offer request.

* Depending on your district’s needs, certain restrictions apply.

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