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Remote Monitoring & Maintenance


Our Remote Support & Management involves monitoring and managing your IT Infrastructure from our offices via a secure connection. Our 24/7 monitoring identifies issues before you do so we can take pro-active steps to keep your systems online.

Why should you use Remote Support & Management?

A large percentage of user issues are caused when a small problem is left unchecked for a short time and turns into something that stops a user from saving work, accessing critical files, etc.

In our experience, almost 75% of the issues that get logged via our automated system are resolved before our end users are aware that there have been any issues. The common ones that we resolve before the users are aware:

  • Back-Ups Failing
  • Shared Drives running out of space
  • Hard Drive\Memory Errors

In the case of the last one, we can arrange to have a new hard drive or memory module dispatched and downtime arranged to lessen the impact on the users.

Value for money

Using Remote Support & Management enables you to have a large percentage of your issues resolved before they impact on the productivity of your staff.

  • Prevention of critical problems developing
  • System efficiency is improved
  • Future growth requirements can be accurately forecasted using historical data

These benefits allow your company to save time, increase staff productivity and more importantly only spend the money that you need to the areas where it is required.

What can we monitor?

You may have noticed the word can there, that is because we can pretty much monitor most parts of your system, from a core temperature of your server to the bandwidth of your Ethernet connection. The main ones that we monitor are:

  • Disk Space – 20% for an Amber alert and 10% for a Red Alert
  • Services – Ensure that all services are running on the server
  • Back-Up’s – Was the last backup successful, if not why not
  • Printers – toner\drum status

Contact us today to see how our remote support & management could help your business gain its edge against technology.