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Network Security and Online Threats

The digitization of our world has totally changed the way we spend our time. Now we chat, play, shop and do business all from our computers, and so new measures are needed to protect ourselves from the potential risks we face when we are using the internet. If you don’t have the correct network support in place for your New Jersey business, you are risking so much more than you know.

What does Network Security do?

An effective network support plan will include looking at the point of access to your network. This can stop any threats from the outside from entering your network and doing harm. Both hardware and software technologies can be used for network security purposes. At Rivell we provide many different layered methods of network support that stop security risks from entering your network.

How can we help Protect you?

Special software can identify hidden viruses, spyware and Trojans on your device and eliminate the threat before any of your personal information is compromised or stolen. Our network support programs are advanced, using complex technologies not only to prevent these viruses and malware from entering your system, but they can also repair the damage done by any existing programs that may be lurking on your network.

Rivell makes your online security our top priority. The most common place for threats to occur is through email. Here, there are an increasing number of attackers using more complex phishing and spoofing strategies than ever before. Posing as a friend, organization or a person in need, they will contact you trying to trick you into revealing personal information or entering a website that infects your system with damaging malware. We can help reduce the risk to you and your network with an email security system that blocks incoming threats. You can also keep your own emails safe and encrypted to prevent the loss or leak of information.

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