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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Management Made Easy

mobile-device-managementAs a business owner, keeping company information secure and safe is vital to the credibility. No doubt you have heard stories of the nightmares that can befall a company due to sensitive information being lost or stolen. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more common due to the advanced programs being built and used by hackers. While much of this is done through email scam, viruses and other damaging malware can sneak in through downloads, websites, and other means. To keep your company safe, consider mobile device management.

Keeping your Company on Track

There are many mobile device management solutions that you can employ to ensure that your employees do not breach company policy and risk important data being leaked or lost. Securing emails is a great place to start as this is where the majority of malware enters a system. This can be done easily, integrating your employee’s existing email service with our management plan. You are also able to secure company documents and information so that they are transferred without fear of being stolen in the process. Your browser is another area that may need to be contained within a management plan. Using a single protected browser at work is the easiest method, and you are also able to filter URLs for more security against online threats from fraudulent websites.

Enforcing corporate policies is important to keep your organization safe and to function efficiently. That is where mobile device management service providers such as RIVELL.COM come in. We specialize in mobile device management so that you remain at ease about the future of your company. A good mobile management plan keeps your company secure and saves you money too. If a virus infects your network and spreads, slowing down all the work devices, the money you will spend on repairs or replacements does not bear thinking about, let alone the loss over the time that you are unable to function at maximum capacity. We can reduce your downtime using preventative methods to stop cyber-attacks from causing damage to your devices.

Top Quality Solutions Tailored to you

We offer a host of mobile device management services to help you maintain company protocols across your entire work team. You can control much of the management yourself which allows you to always be in control of keeping company communication secure. Our mobile management programs are compatible with all major device types, so whether you employ a “bring your device” method within your company or standardize work devices, we can help you plan and implement a device management solution that you are happy with.

If you are looking for a mobile device management provider, RIVELL.COM can help. Protecting your company against the fraud, scams, and viruses that the internet can bring is a great responsibility but one we can make easier than ever. Take control of your company and put all your data into safe hands with our quality mobile device management solutions.