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IT Security Services

Technological advances are happening at a faster rate now than ever before, almost in the blink of an eye. Things that were impossible just ten years ago are now commonplace, but sadly, with the advancement comes to the even more dangerous risks to information dissemination and data storage. Viruses, spyware, malware and spam of increasing sophistication and risk of potential damage constitute a danger that businesses have to live with within their operational environment.

For many small to medium businesses, finding the right, IT support service is a time-consuming and very expensive undertaking. It is a major source of drain on a small business’ lean resources, making entrepreneurs conclude erroneously that comprehensive IT solution and sticking to your budget are a contradiction in terms. It is not.


Rivel recognizes that your business’ time and resources are precious and that you need to be focused on what’s most important. Take advantage of our small business IT support expertise and passion for small business success – whether that’s providing IT support to your employees as well as protecting your critical data, or supporting your office in the cloud with our hosted solutions.

The thought of losing your fledgling business’ valuable and irreplaceable information suddenly and unexpectedly probably makes you break out in a cold sweat. At Rivel, we will ensure that the risk of hacking attempts, spammers, a self-reproducing virus will be minimized with proper network security.

We are conscious at all times of your business’ need to need to take full advantage of technology to drive your business so you can deliver value to your customers. With our prompt and dedicated service delivery, Rivel ensures that your need is met with minimal risk to your valuable data. We deliver support as needed and when needed. We have our finger on the pulse of technological advancement, and new potential risks are always being researched by our expert’s, we can anticipate potential risks and neutralize threats before they materialize, ensuring that your business is secure at all times, even from problems you never even knew about.

Modern security practices offered two primary elements of protection: a firewall regulating traffic in and out, and perimeter security guarding the gates. We are aware that you probably have these running on your network, but how sure are you that they are correctly configured? We will ensure that your various security programs are configured to detect anything from unwanted and annoying ad delivering spam to the more serious self-replicating malware that can cause a “spam loop” that drains server resources, cutting you off from essential services.

If you have any experienced data loss, then you know what a waking nightmare it can be, and the aching sense of loss is indescribable, and you never want to go through it again. If you have never experienced it, then you are to be congratulated but to be certain that you never do experience it, let Rivel handle your business’ IT needs. You will be thankful that you did.