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Cloud Computing Services

Technology is converging across common operating systems and networks with various devices. The key is to have a systematic connection for all content enabling the user to customize, organize and maintain personal or business information. Think of Google Docs for file sharing or Spotify for music. Both are widely used clouds based on a large central source for storing and accessing information through the Internet, rather than purchasing software.

How Does it Work?

By way of the cloud, data is totally mobile, transferable, interactive and synched with all Internet enabled devices for sharing and instant access, instead of relying on a single PC. With the personal cloud silently in control, you can create data hubs, music hubs or work hubs and access specific content by a range of devices. Use your work or home PC, iPhone or tablet to connect. For example, synch multiple clouds across different vendors to form a personal cloud with links set up for automatic searching, selecting and purchasing products or services.

Innovative cloud computing management companies are building huge data centers for use as a central data source, set up with Cloud Servers for storage and processing power and accessed remotely for a rental fee. Think of cloud computing services as a pay-as-you-go service like a central electric or utility company, running a new web application over the Internet with Amazon Web Services.


Cloud computing is a new model for computing that has been called a “global utility” with huge implications for all, including individual users, start-ups, tech companies and global businesses. The cloud presents opportunities for greater efficiency in managing resources and decreased costs; however, security issues arise while trusting content to a third party source, as well as reliability concerns and technical challenges.

The Coming Cloud Computing Revolution

Cloud computing, the ability to remotely access and manipulate files and applications, is starting to appear everywhere. In the past, cloud computing was something of a dream confined to IT specialists and technology buffs. Large companies have finally started to roll out services to the masses, though. Tech giants such as Amazon have begun offering file locker cloud computing services for free, and newer companies such as DropBox have built their entire business model on the cloud. After years of hype, the cloud revolution is finally starting to take hold.

Don’t believe it? Just look at Apple to see if the cloud is here. The company is a trendsetter in all things computer-related. Their Mac Books are imitated constantly, the iPhone is the paradigm for nearly every smart phone to hit the market, and the iPad alone managed to create an entire consumer tablet market.