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Is now the right time for you to implement VOIP in your small business? Is your current business phone system not cutting it? The cost savings and operating efficiencies of VOIP are enormous, but it is the quality and reliability of our phone solutions that will encourage your switch to VOIP the most. If you are looking for the ultimate phone system solution that includes upgrades to your cell phones, office phones, video conferencing, conference calls, text messaging, mobile apps and internet...Rivell is here to help.

Bring your VOIP inquiries to Rivell and get a better understanding of our small business phone solutions.

Rivell is a networking support company that prides itself in keeping on the leading edge of the computer, datacom, internet, and phone system telephony technologies, and because of that, we are one of the best enterprise VoIP phone system providers in the area for small businesses. Rivell has been helping small business clientele keep their networks robust and secure for many years and we have been keeping an eye on VOIP since the technology was first introduced. If you are on the hunt for the best VOIP system out there, make the call to Rivell today.

Areas That Rivell Can Help Your Modest Business Upgrade With VOIP:

  • Customer service
  • Caller ID
  • Cell phone solutions
  • Text messaging
  • Office phones
  • Call recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobile apps
  • Internet connection
  • Conference calling
  • And so much more…

Rivell supports Avaya and Cisco - Two of the Most Elite Phone Systems for Large and Small Medical Offices

Rivell considers that Avaya and Cisco products represent the state of the art in technology and reliability and make available a wide range of business phone solutions. These include cell phone, business phone, mobile apps, video conferencing, internet connection, conference calling, familiar digital telephones and wireless handsets. It also includes leading-edge IP telephones as well as robust applications including email/voicemail integration and advanced customer service call center features. Implementing an IP-enabled telephony solutionfacilitates your small business to improve efficiency and productivity. Boosting your business phone systems with VOIP is the ultimate phone solution in today’s business environment.

We Offer the Most Durable and Most Elite Virtual Phone SystemsFor Small Business Including..

Dental Offices

Choosing the best phone system for dental offices can be challenging. Learn about some terms and capabilities to look for in your new business phone service. Your dental office should function efficiently day in and day out, and in order to make that happen, you need the right phone system in place that is user-friendly, efficient and functional. Rivell is your one-stop for all of your business phone system needs.

Law Offices

Using our vast industry experience, our team will help you pick out the best phone system for your law office. Catering to business phones, internet, conference calls, video conferencing, cell phones, mobile apps, internet connection and so much more. VOIP is the answer that your law office has been looking for.


Trust your district’s internal phone system to a establishment that can set you up for success. In a time where we are depending on communication systems more than ever, you want your school district phone system to work flawlessly. Rivell can help you conserve time and money by implementing VOIP into your schools.

Financial Institutions

Business phone systems matter exponentially to the success of daily operations. Your financial institution should be offering smooth customer service, to keep the flow of your day to day business running error-free. Making the choice to a VOIP business phone solution will bring a sense of effortless daily functionality.


When it comes to healthcare systems, there is no doubt that VOIP is the answer to your business phone needs. Offering premier customer service depends on the perfect phone system solution. Rivell can direct your business to exactly which upgrades are necessary to ensure ultimate functionality, including things like conference calling, video conferencing, mobile apps, internet connection, call recording, office systems and so much more.

Local Government

Government establishments of all sectors depend on smooth daily operations. The only way to truly achieve that is to have the right business phone solution installed. Rivell can support any building small or large, update their phone system to function at top performance using VOIP.
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